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German Shepherd


Everyone knows that the German Shepherd is one of the breeds which is more widely bred, that's why it is very popular among dog fanciers.  After reflecting on the reason for such a success, I concluded that the collective imagination views the idea of a dog as a wolf, which was once the commonest name to define the German Shepherd.
Therefore, its charm goes back to our childhoods when we were enraptured by the stories of Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf, or Walt Disney's movies.  Moreover, its wide use as a very versatile dog, which is particularly inclined to learn every kind of rescue operation (avalanche, drugs; not to mention its reliability as a guide to the blind) had greatly contributed to increase the popularity of this special breed.  All these reasons let the German Shepherd play the role as the well-known Rex, or even more as the protagonist in Jack London's White Fang.  The short analysis above made me believe in what may be defined as the primordial impulse to long to have one of these dogs. 
However, it is not enough guarantee for a German Shepherd to be purebred or provided with a famous pedigree, since "pure" means neither balanced nor good as a watch dog, and least of all, psychologically balanced so that you don't have to worry about whether it will rush at you, its own master, or commit a crime against your children.  That's why not all German Shepherds are alike despite having a pedigree.

The difference is made by their genealogy, that is to say, when they come Bascofrom a high genealogy because subjected to morpho-functional, psycho-aptitude selection tests.  Finally, there's the valuation of the mating of the partners to produce the puppies, because a Champion is not like another of the same title, since to establish their genetic compatibility is hard work, but an essential step.  Such a process may take six months.  But, you can't win them all just after the litter is born,because the brothers and sisters, though they have the same parents, may show different morphological characteristics.  In the light of my forty-year experience, I have learned that within the post-birth time, it will be necessary to do a selection of the most exemplary puppies in order to cut down their numbers, so that the remaining puppies will be able to enjoy a better lactation.

This method is what makes the difference between a quantity breeding from a quality one.  Our puppies will be placed only with amateurs provided that they treat their dog as if it were one of the family and not simply as a watch dog.  Such a pre-requisite will be determined during a dialogue between the prospective buyer and the breeder who will have the discretional power to either sell or refuse to sell the puppy.  In addition, the puppy will be sold on the condition that it is brought back to the breeder every 15 days to check it's growth.  In this way the breeder can make any possible corrections to restore the optimum fitness, as well as to contribute to good forming of character in case the owner failed to interpret the puppy's behavior and needed advice on what steps should be taken.  The condition mentioned above has a dual purpose:  to defend the good name of the breeder and to guarantee successful management and bonding with the one which has always been defined as man's most faithful friend.



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