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Welcome to
of Mario MARIANI

This site has the purpose to introduce to the whole fruit of Forty years of scrupulous attention and experience devoted strong and faithful companions of the man to the Shepherds Abruzzesi.

In the distant 1967, I felt strong the call of the duty to take the role of paladin of these splendid collaborators of the people of Abruzzo and to avoid that they had to fall in the forgetfulness and in the extinction.

Everywhere they will go, they will bring a small piece of Abruzzo, where their ancestors have lived for a long time: that's why definite to call every dog that goes out of my breeding with a name of city, country, mountain or river of Abruzzo.

To surprises him/it, potential client, will repeat: "Forty years... however brings well them! Doesn't he/she believe?! "



Life of Breed

26.02.2016 Puppies of Abruzzo Sheperd from Isola Del Gran Sasso del Dannunziano and Cupello del Dannunziano (4 males, 3 females).

21.08.2011 Puppies of Abruzzo Sheperd from Ortucchio del Dannunziano and Frisa del Dannunziano (2 males, 2 females).

17.05.2011 Puppies of German sheperd from ODESSA DEL DANNUNZIANOBASKO DEL DANNUNZIANO

News The young VESTEA del Dannunziano (n.5/10/08 - propr. Miccoli) it starts to make herself be worth on the Ring. In fact she has already gotten these results:
1°ECC. Young to the National Meeting of Orvieto (Giud. VANDONI);
1°ECC. Young to the National Expò in Pescara (Giud. Gatti);
1°ECC. Young to the International of CHIETI (Giud. BALDUCCI).



Kennel "Del Dannunziano"

tel (++39) 085 65258


Via Romualdo Pantini, 78 - 65100 PESCARA  -  Tel.(+39) 085.65258 cell (+39) 389 4321340

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